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If you love fun, exciting classes you are going to love Fitness In Motion. We provide many different types of classes and group personal training that works. We are committed to keep prices at the lowest rates around. Fun and affordable. Why aren’t you here yet?

About Rachel Pergl
I am a wife and a mom first and foremost, but my passion is teaching people how to be healthy. I have been an instructor for almost 30 years and I have learned a few things that I brought into FIM that I believe will benefit everyone.

First of all the contracts always bothered me. I always thought classes should be taught so that fitness becomes fun. Then┬ápeople can look forward to their workout and come because they want to, not because they have money taken out of their account and they feel obligated to work out. That’s why we don’t do contracts here at FIM.

Second, when someone (you) has had a hard day and is looking for a little stress release and fun, I don’t feel they should be greeted with attitude and judgmental looks when they enter a gym. I also never thought that they should have to listen to an instructor complain about his/her bad day? That’s why we encourage a laid back, fun environment at FIM, NO DRAMA!!!

We also bring faith into FIM. I love God and love Jesus and I feel that God has been the one that took this fitness instructor to a business owner. God keeps me honest and compassionate for all of my members. I don’t use my faith to brow beat anyone about religion, the scripture on my walls just remind us that we have a God who is with us and loves us. It is used to make us smile.

I hope that you love FIM as much as I do and you feel comfortable just walking through our doors.