January 26, 2015

So I am 8 days sugar free as of today.  You may be saying big deal, but let me give you a bit of history and then you will understand how significant this is.

When I started teaching at 17 years old, I was not taught how to eat properly.  Throughout high school I thought pop and candy bars were a staple of diet.  So before any of my classes I created a habit of eating a package of gem donuts and a giant apple juice. And up until 8 days ago I have been on a daily sugar habit ever since.

It normally would need my sugar fix around 2:30pm and before classes.  Normally it would be in donut form.  They seem to be my weakness.

Here was my turning point, the event that inspired me to finally take sugar out of my life.  When I added the LTG  Day Challenge to FIM I have been educating myself on nutrition. I ate well, but I don’t think that my eating supported the amount of classes that I taught.  I was right. When I calculated my carbs versus protein ratio my carbs were very high, my protein low.  This is why my body has not been running as well as it should.

It’s funny, I have always joked around that my personal thermostat is broken.  I am cold a lot, run down, get sick often.  I always attributed it to the amount of  classes I am teaching or not eating enough calories. But, my research is telling me that I am lacking in  the amount of protein that I need.  Not only, me but I think a majority of people eat way to many carbs and not enough protein.  And that, my dears, is why I have decided no more sugar.  Since raising my protein intake I have more energy, I am warm and I don’t have any sugar cravings.  I have been drinking protein shakes and eating more meat, nuts, yogurt etc.  I finally feel like my body is nutritionally satisfied and it’s really a nice feeling.  So….. cut down on your carbs and eat your protein, you’ll feel better.