April 6 2015


It is getting warmer!!!  Yay!!  It has been a challenging winter I think we are all excited that the weather is getting better.

This means that you have the option of running, jogging or walking now.  That is wonderful!! I think that walking, jogging or running is a great supplement to your classes.  But notice, I called them a supplement, not a replacement.  Here is why.


I will take an average woman who weighs 150 pounds. If she were to walk outside at a 30 minute mile she would burn 83 calories in 30 minutes.   If she were to jog at a 15 minute mile she would burn 124 calories and if she would were run at a 9 minute mile she would burn 240 calories.  Those numbers are for 30 minutes of run/jog or walk time.  If that same woman comes into Zumba, in 30 minutes she would burn 350 calories, in Pound Fit 450 calories and in Turbokick 350 calories. Plus the addition of muscle conditioning classes that help raise her metabolism, fight against Osteoperosis and makes her tones and strong.

There is a reason that I am passionate about classes. I believe that they are the best option for you, not because I own a fitness class studio, but because there are so many elements to a class.  Socialization, stress relief, great music and more bang for your buck when it comes to burning calories.   I am not against running, walking or jogging.  If you love it then do it and stay active. But if burning calories is what your goal is, then pick a class and get to it.  Love it and do it and it will benefit you greatly all around.


I love you all and want the best for you.  Be well, dance often and be safe.