From Rachel’s Brain


May 31, 2015

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner. Let’s talk HYDRATION.   With the warmer weather coming it is super important to make sure you are getting just the right amount of water into your body every day.  Proper water consumption will allow your organs to function properly, increase your metabolism by 30%, decrease your cravings for high sugar or fatty foods and keep your skin looking and feeling young.


So….. what is the proper amount.  On days that you do not exercise you need to drink 64 ounces of water a day.  SODA OR LEMONADE OR COFEE OR TEA DOES NOT COUNT AS WATER.  Those would be considered extra liquid consumption.  You want good old fashion H2O.  On the days that you do exercise you need to replenish the amount of sweat that you excrete during one of your fantastic FIM classes (shameless plug I know).  1 1/2 bottles of water per one hour of exercise will do just fine.  That’s it.  It’s not rocket science, just drink your beloved water every day and you will feel better.  Oh and recycle your bottles when you are done.

I love you all and want the best for you.  Be well, dance often, drink your water and be safe.